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Many employers use industry work experience as a pre-requisite for freshers or new graduates. Employers also use such candidates to assess for future employment. Industrial training helps you to take responsibility, make sound decisions and apply technical skills, you have learned during the industrial training

The Benefits include:

  • Get Training certificates from a BSE listed Company

  • First-hand experience working as a professional

  • Applying and showing your technical knowledge in the workplace

  • Ability to work under pressure and excelling well

  • Help in the growth of the organisation of business and companies

  • Helps to increase your technical, interpersonal and communication skills, both oral and written

The time duration for the offline courses is 2 hrs. a day.

Day of training is 5 days a week (Monday to Friday). We will consider holidays on all Gazetted holidays as listed by Government.

First of all you have to understand what is Digital marketing and what it incuses. As it includes various services that a company offers. After learning digital marketing you can start the following:

  • Get a job in the digital marketing Company

  • Start your blog/website/channel to generate online income

  • If you are an entrepreneur/businessman, you can develop and grow your business with Digital marketing

  • Better job opportunities and salary hikes for experienced professionals.

You will get the completion Certificate at the end of all Industrial. Training courses. At the end of the courses, you will be awarded a Certificate of Industrial Training course with the selected topic.

Not a problem, we can adjust you with the current batch or Customized training sessions can be developed. Contact us at  for more information.

Yes, after the completion of the course or during the training, we will provide an opportunity to work on our live projects.

We have 2 modes of training. Classroom Training & Online Program.

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